What is Cover Blocks?

 A cover block is used to lift the rebar matrix off the ground so that concrete may flow underneath the rebar. 

     Cover Blocks is used to provide spacing at Slab, Column, Beam & foundation. Application is very simple as place COVER BLOCK between Rebar(Reinforcement bar) and ground/wall.

    Cover Blocks are used to provide specific height for reinforcement structure before pouring concrete.

There is types of Cover Blocks?

Yes, concrete cover block & pvc cover block or plastic cover block. Also divided by use like Slab Cover block, Column cover block, Beam bottom Cover, Beam side cover block, Footing Cover block, Piling Cover etc. 

There is any IS Code ( Indian Standers Code) regarding Cover Block?

ISO 456 (2000): Plain and Reinforced Concrete – Code of Practice [CED 2: Cement and Concrete]


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